Yourswimlog – The Ultimate Guide in Swimming and Winning

If you are a wannabe swimmer or a competitive swimmer, you must be aware of yourswimbook. It is the ultimate guide in the swimming arena. You will find many interesting tips on the sport and the accessories that come alongside.

Let us find out more about the guide

The site can help you in purchasing the best swimming goggles. This is a very important accessory for swimmers. Great goggles can smoothen the journey for novice swimmers, as they can navigate better in all types of waters.

So, what’s there in a pair of goggles?  Quite a lot, trust me. Safety is an important reason. Yes, it is. We all know, that the human eyes are not designed to see clearly under water. We are not related in any way to fishes, octopuses and sharks, are we? Well, the perfect pair of goggles allows child swimmers to clearly see their surroundings in the water.

This can avert all kinds of accidents, be it with other fellow swimmers or the pool wall. And reason number 2, is the chlorine in the pool, that can damage eyes. How many of you have had the after-effects of chemical in your eyes?  It causes inflammation in your eyes in co-ordination with sweat and urine which is released in the pool waters.

The qualities you should look for in the perfect pair are:

  • Comfort is the key factor. Most goggles are made of silicone gasket and straps. It is very comfortable for the wearer.
  • Flexibility – comes a close second. It grows with you.
  • Prescription goggles are a new entrant in the market and has been made for kids with power.
  • We also need to stay away from foggy lenses. The best swimwear goggles are sprayed with anti-fog spray during the manufacturing process.

So, choose the best and enjoy swimming to the core.