Why People Opt for Electronic Travel Authority to Visit Australia?

Visiting any country means going through the hassle of producing various documents and permits. However, it is not always the case for people visiting Australia. When traveling to this country one can simply opt for Australian Electronic Travel Authority. This is one of the best documents to get hold off if one plans of visiting this country. Take a look at it yourself in detail!

What is ETA or Electronic Travel Authority?

It is an electronic document which is connected to a person’s passport similar to a visa. If approved, one can enter Australia without any problem. However, only foreign nationals of a few specific countries are allowed to apply and acquire this visa. Some of the countries include Malaysia, Japan, Korea, USA, etc. To get the list of foreign nationals who are eligible for this permit, an individual can visit the website for Australian immigration.

Electronic Travel Authority

Why people should opt for this?

There are various reasons for people opting for this authorization a few are below:

  • It is a lot easier to acquire than a normal visa. Hence, hassle faced by people is much less.
  • For a short-term visit, there is no better option than au visa. Be it visiting family or business, or tourism; this is an ideal permit.
  • Only a few countries’ citizens can apply for it, so the processing takes much less time. Generally, within a week it is authorized if all the documents required for it is correct. So, even at a moment’s notice, one can apply for it. However, experts advise applying for it as soon as a person makes a plan to visit this country.

To apply all one requires is visiting the website www eta immi gov au, fill the form and pay the processing fee. Get yours today and enjoy visiting this country!