Significance & Value of TTU Class Ring for Texas Tech University Students

The worth of alumni associations is known by their traditions. For many decades or even more than centuries these traditions have been motivating students to face challenges in their life. The students feel pride by receiving the honor from their educational institution and award of this honor has a great role of alumni association. Time never stop and these traditions never change, though their style of celebration may be modified. Texas Tech alumni ring is a great example of the honor that Texas Tech University students and outgoing graduating students receive in a formally organized event, twice a year on Last week of April for Spring Semester and Last week of November for Fall Semester.

Relevance of the Ring for a student

Texas Tech University Ring Day is the big day for everyone who is a part of this memorable event. The award of Texas Tech ring and celebration of this honor marks the end of one era of education and beginning of a new era of career which is full of challenges.

TTU class ring

Rather say, one chapter of life is finished which was bit easier and the next chapter has begun which is advanced and tougher. But this honor reminds the accomplishment from hard work and efforts made to grasp the previous chapter and motivates for more efforts to grasp the new tough chapter.

What TTU class ring depicts

TTU class ring is a step by step lesson to make a hold on the life. The Ring which is awarded to a student is full of meanings that are motivational force for a student, apart from status and association with alma mater and fellow students. The proud of wearing this ring is always felt by the student in any field or in any country. The other traditions of the Ring event also carry a specific meaning for their celebration and association with Texas Tech University.