Can Electronic Travel Authority Smoothen Up The Approval Process In Australia?

There are many of us who have faced a serious problem with visa approval when it comes to visiting australia. Ever since the advent of terrorism, every country has taken some strict measures to control the entry and exit of people.

The Australian Government is no different and has strict regulations in place in order to control that. As we all know, the country is quite dependent on the tourism industry as it generates serious revenue for the country leniency in granting a visa for tourism is still present in the system.

A non-governmental organization:

There is a non-governmental service which helps to apply ETAS and the name of the service isĀ visa australia Application Service. The work of this service agency is to receive your eta application form, review the form and send it to the government right away. While reviewing the form, they may make some necessary changes in order to smoothen the process.

Rules and Regulation regarding approval of au visa:

They have very strict rules and regulations in place while application reviewing. An application form may get rejected and the person can reapply for Electronic Travel Authority once again stating the reason for his rejection. The validity of this pass lasts for about six months.

Purpose of an ETA:

This type of travel authority is generally used by people who wish to visit the country or receive medical treatment in Australian soil. The ETA can be applied online from the official website of this service agency. The person who wishes to apply for ETA must have a valid passport, credit card to pay the service charge and an email id.

There are certain restrictions on who can apply for this travel authority. It is applicable for only those people who hold a valid passport of Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Southern USA, Hong Kong, and Korea. For people who do not hold a passport of the above-mentioned country are not eligible to apply ETA and can get in touch with Australian Embassy to get a travel permit.