Electronic Travel Authority: An Easy Way for Short-stay Australia Travelers

You require a permission from the visiting country’s consulate, if you intend to visit some country. You must have a passport for international travel and then apply for a visa of that country which is an endorsement on the passport authorizing you to visit that country for specified number of days. Every visa has a validity period beyond which it has to be renewed or reissued for revisit. However, some countries have a common visa document, for instance, Schengen visa which is issued for a group of Schengen area countries. There are some countries that allows visa exemption to nationals of some counties. Visa-exempt foreign nationals can travel to these countries for specified period on a special document, called Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), issued for this purpose.

What’s Australia ETA

There are few countries that issue ETA document for citizens of some countries. This document is distinct from a visa document and has different set of rules for travelers authorized to travel on this document.

Electronic Travel Authority

Australia is one country that allows entry into its land on ETA document, but the holder of this document shouldn’t have held a valid visa. This is an electronic document for which neither a label is affixed on the passport nor an endorsement is made thereupon. ETA is simple linked to the holder’s passport and it is a permission by which a holder can stay in the issuing country’s land for a maximum length of three visits during each visit. The purpose of visit shouldn’t be other than the purpose specified in the document.

Easy way for short-term Australia visit

The Australia ETA is, thus, an electronic visa-free document for short stay on the land of this country. This document is not renewed after the end of its validity, but freshly issued every time after each visit. This is an easy way for short-term visitors without cumbersome and time-taking visa document issuing requirements.

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