The Shsu Class Ring Is Everything the Alumni Body Craved For Over the Years

There is a tradition prevalent in every recognized university to honor their alumni with a token which will represent the university to the outside world. The symbol can be some watch with the emblem of the college engraved or a ring.

There was a long-standing demand among the SHSU alumni to start such an initiative which will help them to represent the college to the outside world. We are well aware of how well known SHSU in criminal justice program and several other departments. The Sam Houston State University is the only educational body that offers a professional golf management program.

In 2003, this long-standing demand saw the light of day when the university along with SHSU alumni and student’s and teacher’s body unveiled the shsu class ring. The ring represented everything the university served over the years and faced the test of time.

The shsu class ring was a perfect blend between pride and tradition:

The design of the shsu class ring, designed by the SHSU alumni showed the pride and tradition of this esteemed university. The first official ring took place in the fall semester of the year 2004. The design of the ring is unique. On one side of the ring, graduation year of the student is etched. The other hand has Austin Hall engraved which is one of the oldest buildings in the campus. The centre shows SH with a star which depicts the pride of Texas.

The unique tradition of wearing the ring:

The shsu class ring ceremony is held to honor the student’s achievements by the recognized alumni and college delegates. The tradition of wearing the ring is also very uncommon. When a person is still in the college, the student must wear the ring with the college name facing the person. When the student completes his program from the college, he can wear the ring in the opposite direction. It depicts that the university has nurtured him enough to face the world.